Burnt out.

2010-02-18 12:58:54 by bizzozeron

I have to lay off the drawings for awhile... I'm kinda burnt out on style right now and I really want to make a large set of matching pictures. In the meanwhile, check out this cool Oscar the Grouch desktop I slung together.


Oh, and here is my old desktop, cookie monster in the same style.



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2010-06-05 12:50:18

You should probably credit the artist who made the drawings used in the background. Those are by McBess. It's pretty cool that you used his stuff, and the end result looks really good.

bizzozeron responds:

Yeah, this was years ago (just logged into NG for the first time in literally over 2 years). I think at the time I didn't know who to credit because I picked up that image and held on to it forever, but thanks for giving credit where credit is due.


2010-09-12 02:46:28



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